With a team of competitive and highly qualified individuals, we deliver cost-efficient support services that guarantee quality results.


There’s always someone behind the scenes. While your team is out there in the forefront of the business, we make sure that your back office is well taken care of. Our back-office associates are a team of well-trained professionals who process and utilize data through the use of technology. We ensure that you get what you need, at a time that you ask for it.


There is nothing we can’t handle. At any given point in your business venture, you’ll be faced with large amounts of information. What better way to organize them than outsourcing? Outsourcing data entry services does not only save on costs but also on effort too. At ISTA, no matter how complex the amount of data, we guarantee that your requirements are executed with quality and in a timely manner.


Our information analysts are well trained to categorize and classify data to key information precisely.


100% confidentiality is guaranteed with the information entrusted to the staff.


Our staff can handle a wide range of data processing tasks.


When it comes to filling orders for your customers you need a high level of quality, speed and accuracy. Here at ISTA, we ensure that our clients are satisfied by giving you a clear and accurate work process. We understand that not everything can be automated but we take a hands-on approach to your staff's success as we want you to stay with us for the long term.

Customer Support Services

Every Client interaction is special. When you outsource your Call Center & Customer Service to Ista's reliable Philippine Staff, you are assured that your customers will always receive excellent support. We understand that every interaction with your customers is important. ISTA works closely with you to clarify the scope and skill requirements for the role. Our recruitment specialists will find you someone that perfectly fits the job and works exclusively for you on a permanent basis. There's more: we find the right employee for you and we keep track of his perfomance. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Inbound and outbound phone support

Whether you’re looking for someone who’ll call customers for you or someone who’ll stay on the other line to receive calls, ISTA got you covered! Our agents are experts in providing fast, effective and cost friendly solutions. We provide you with the staff that will help your company grow and succeed!

ISTA’s just the answer that you need.


You’ve got thousands of emails? No problem! Email support is now available to let you respond to your customer queries or let you give updates regarding your business. We use innovative ways to enhance customer experience and ensure that responses are in real time. Email support lets you improve client satisfaction by ensuring that your customers are well informed about your products and services.

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