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Rejections, Census, Clarifications, Cost Containment, Data entry, reconciliation, veterinary pharmacy, 24/7 customer service

Medical Billing

Accounts Receivables, Collections, Census, Insurance coordination and validation


End to end recruitment process, interviews, documents and requirements checking and validation, applicant experience management


Critical lab results, 24/7 customer service, prior authorization and verification, as well as appointment set up and confirmations.

Medical Equipment

Order fulfillment, resupplies, billing, collections, 24/7 customer service, insurance and authorization verification, as well as other functions.

Long Term Care Facilities

Chart audits, recruiting, referral management, discharge management and follow up, accounts receivables and payables, and other functions.

Staffing Agencies

Recruiting, payroll, billing, 24/7 customer support

Homecare Agencies

Recruiting, payroll, billing , prior authorizations review, insurance verification, 24/7 customer support


Sales and Lead generation, invoice management and review, accounts payables and receivables, 24/7 customer support

Doctor’s Offices

Medical records upkeep and management, appointment set up and confirmations, chart audits and reviews, insurance and authorization verification, 24/7 customer service